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Quandary Resolution 7609
herstory, scour, quip, reluce v.

And Barnaby asked old Bert if he could quote him on that: "aye lad, jist as long as ye leave oot the F word cos a wouldna like the missus ta think I used words like thon in mixed coompny," but once given that assurance, he consented: "ask me all ye like aboot them twa, an' I'll tell ye all I knows," so Theresa asked him how long he had known MacFarlane and Doubleday and the old man snorted: "they cam oot o nowhere, crept inter Salford an' set oop shop doon bi the quays, said they'd made there moony in the West Indies, but they'd neither one a tan! ye kin tell them as cooms back fi there cause they're broon as berries in their faces an hands, but no that pair! in fact, I'd say they looked more like they'd been doon in the Sooth Atlantic wi the penguins, I'd a mate wha wis on whalers doon there an' he said there wis whales an' sharks an' sealions an' seals an narwhals – hiv ye ever seen one o thon? strange things, they brought one here alive in a tank fer the museum, it had a great harpoon instead o' a nose! bit there wis tales o' men livin' among the penguins, wha's skin wis as white as sna'! that wis what that pair o' scallywags wis like, livin' sna'men, like as if they'd scoured their skin till it wis reluced, ye ken, shiny an' bright, no pale an' wan, even efter dark ye cood see 'em coomin, they wis luminous, faces glowin above their clothes, in fact in the right dark, late o' night, that wis a' ye saw, two shiny moon faces floating along aboot head height, cos they allus wore black, well, so did maist o' the office men then, aye," enjoying his quip, "two moons bobbin' along, noddin' tae each ither; bit ah dinna think this has owt to do wi' yer herstory stuff, Miss, they wis more interested in usin' lasses tae suit their own stories, an' right queer stuff they got up to, or so ma pal Jonah telt me!""

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