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prosopopeia, corkage, brouhaha, cheer-upping adj.

And when Peggy ran in, howling and yowling, such a brouhaha was there, with her mom trying to find out what had happened and Peggy telling such a tale full of she said and then she said and she said and then she said "come away, Peggy, if you've lost it it''s no matter," and all sorts of prosopopeia and a gold coin clutched in her hand with a date still years off so she wouldn't be able to spend it. and her mom doing all the cheer-upping while her da was only interested in the pair of them getting to the restaurant in time, what with the baby-sitter being here already, "Joanie, you see to Peggy will you?" and what bottle of wine to take, as it's a BYOB night and thinking of the corkage he'd have to pay, and the tips to the staff, and "look, Molly, the taxi's outside, he'll have the clock running!" and Peggy crying, because it was true, she'd seen the grass move and the invisible fingers and the voices and her name and the gold coin she'd taken and the other Peggy looking for it and worried they might have followed her home to get it back and Joanie said she could stay over, she;'d phone her mom and she could sleep with Peggy and Peggy clutched Joanie and made her promise she'd not leave, she'd stay all night and Peggy's mom and dad kissed her goodnight and promised they'd look in on her when they got back and she'd see them in the morning, but of course, as you know, she never did!

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