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Quandary Resolution 7649
ullage, daft, mawkish, fire pike n.2

Barney and Betty had a lovely time at The MacPherson Roadhouse with Alasdair and Nancy; it was their sixth wedding anniversary and, while being a modest event, in keeping with a time of austerity on Prince Edwatd Islamd, the two couples - best friemds since childhood - had plenty of shared memories to reminisce about; they drank the wine they had brought, didn't comment on the ullage that remained in the bottles after the glasses had been poured, and taken away, if the staff got a mouthful or so it wouldn't do them any harm; and they were among the last to leave at midnight, and the men smoked while they waited on the sidewalk for their taxis; ten minutes later, Barney and Betty were in the back of Dan Rowan's cab, too tired to talk and looking forward to getting home, but Betty screamed as the cab bounced over the level crossing and the Quebec Express bore down on them! "someone's gonna get pretty smashed up if they don't get that crossing fixed," yelled Rowan as the cab rocked in the backwash and the train missed them ny inches; but the real shock came as they rounded the last bend and saw that where their home had been was a huge sign at the entrance to MacFarlane Neanderthal World and Country Club! "Jeez," said Rowan, skidding to a halt at the gates, which were chained shut with a notice: 'Park opens at 9am tomorrow': "where's our house?" cried Barney, "where's Peggy and Molly? and Leanne?" cried Betty, but Dan had no answers that didn't sound daft in this situation - the house he had picked them up from earlier was no more, just seven or eight hours later: "it's impossible!" and while on one level he felt Bwetty's howls ans wails were rather mawkish, he also knew that if it was his house and kids who had vaished to be replaced by locked gatesd and some kind of amusement park, he'd be pretty damn angry, and he'd show it! meanwhile Barney felt like a fire pike had been thrown directly into his heart: he stood, silent, numb, scared, angry, bereft, confused, wild and ferocious, his hands alternately balled and clawed, wanting to hit someone, hurt them, anyone responsible for whatever had happened here and he didn't give a fuck if that was MacFarlane himself, whoever had erased his home and his kids would die if he got within twenty feet of them, but he was struck numb and couldn't utter a sound as Betty screamed for her kids to be given back, and meanwhile Dan Rowan was having difficulty calling the cops, there was some kind of problem with the cell phone service.

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