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lustrate, dim-bulb, millefleur, badmash, n.

Although they were both surprised to find that they were still employed by The Dame, Sir Wilfred and Quentin quickly overcame their doubts and within half an hour of the Security Department – PC George Dixon – tracking them down at Quentin's flat, both arrived at The Bunker and got to work with Tim – who wore blue loon pants and a millefleur blouson which made him look like a Haight/Ashbury Hippy from the sixties, while Sir Wilfred had the crumpled look of a man wearing yesterday's clothes, which he was; the prototype appeared to consist only of a list of 1 – names of the various characters alongside the people they represented and expected to play their parts and 2 – a rough outline of the script; Sir Wilfred ran his hands through what little hair he had and then jumped to his feet: "of course! what a dim-bulb! we need Zee Concorde!" – he said in a fluent German accent, reminiscent of Angela Meerkat, and rushing to his secretary's desk, he grabbed The Proposal which The Dame had withdrawn after postponing the vote last week; he handed a couple of pages each to Tim and Quentin and instructed them: "find the cues for the gags and songs, it should be easy enough and remember, one of the big production numbers has to feature the Battle of the Boyne and the punchline, 'No Surrender' with The Dame brandishing the Red Hand of Ulster – that's what's going to grab the DUP by the short and curlies! we'll wipe the floor with the badmashers, Pirate Captain Black Jake and his henchman, Doris, lustrate the Party of the dreamers and schemers – and to bring in Red Jerry and the Troublemakers, a reference to the Red Flag and Cable Street, with the tag: 'They Shall Not Pass' - in fact, if she calls them Jerry and the Peacemakers, we could use – Quentin what was their big hit in the 60s?" and Quentin looked puzzled: "oh, you youngsters," sighed Sir Wilfred: "Gerry and the Pacemakers!" and Quentin's face lit up: "You'll Never Walk Alone, Ferry Cross the Mersey, How Do You Do It?" and Sir Wilfred high-fived the others: "okay, lads, I think we've found our message, let's see how we can work them into this this dirge and make it sing!"

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