Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
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petrichor, nervous, Mirandize, cwtch, v.

And it was by the sheerest good chance that, just before the train was set to depart from the slopes of the Middle Eildon, Rose Mitnick caught sight of a blur at the edge of her vision and turned just in time to shout: "Teri, wait!" and ran towards the couple who looked set to board; luckily that was enough for them to miss the driverless train which moved off at it's set time and Rose reached Teri and her friend, who was wondering what this was all about: "hi Rose, this is my friend – my new friend – Robin," said Teri as the others, who had been keeping lookout at various points on the hills, hurried towards them; Hyman gave the brief outline and Lulu filled in the details, but while Milly gave Teri a cwtch, it was Isa who summed up: "if this is right and they can manage it, this whole landscape is going to be sent backwards in Time to 2038, to exactly where it's located now, with all the people and everything else; now, they may come out to check first, or they may already be in the Cave System – which is probably where they'll trigger the Time Warp – but they weren't on the train and they'll probably be waiting for the Funfair to close at 9pm, so we should find somewhere safe; I don't think they've done anything on this scale before, so it might be quite a bumpy ride!" and Robin nervously asked: "whit ur ye talkin aboot, gaunin back in time? whirraboot ma cousins, they'll be looking fur me?" so Teri drew her aside to give a potted account of Worm Holes and the Space/Time Continuum, which only succeeded in bring forth tears and wails from the confused and distraught Robin, until there was a slight tremor from deep underground and the most unusual and unseasonal petrichor – that sweet smell of grass at the first rains of spring – when Hyman hissed: "take cover, folks, bandits at twelve o’clock!" and the figures of MacFarlane and Doubleday, silhouetted against the pale evening sky, were followed by two of the goons and two young women; "it's the DA and the other girl my pal spotted at the Trucking Depot," and to Isa: "you're the only law officer here, hunny, even though you're out of your jurisdiction, but if we manage to nail them when this manoeuvre is over, make sure you Mirandize em, don't want them to walk on a technicality!" and when Isa asked, "what's Mirandize mean, Milly, who watched all the tv cop shows said: "caution em, Guv, read em their rights!" and then they were all pulled down into a narrow cave which had just opened behind them, and Nigel led them into a small chamber: "you'll be safe in here, until we land, ladies and gentleman, please excuse me, I have the Pudden Race to attend to!"

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