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Quandary Resolution 7848
omphaloskepsis, ply, cap-a-pie, precipitancy, n.

But the truth of the matter was, there was no precipitancy, and nor had the four escapees been picked up by a submarine, they were still on land, having covered up the direction which they had taken by a simple ruse: first, Doubleday had walked under cover of darkness towards the cove, with a spare pair of boots on his hands, making two sets of prints, and returned, backwards, making two more; then, dressed cap-a-pie like any of the other personnel, they had left the site of Tabarin by a route which already had many footprints, walking backwards until well away from the Camp, then they had donned snowshoes and continued walking backwards for several miles before they turned and headed towards the German naval base; it was a long hike, but once there, with the knowledge of AKA, who had been here once, before the war. and identified a secret bunker and entered it, closing and locking it behind them: "there are supplies here which will keep us going for a month," said AKA, "and a radio transmitter which will enable us to contact any vessel of the Kriegsmarine which comes within range," so, exhausted by their daring escape, and after a meal from the stores and after AKA produced a bottle of whisky and plied them with just enough to help them relax, they quickly made up four of the cots in the bunk-room and retired for the night, which was when Elginbrod asked: "do you think we can trust MacDougal?" but MacFarlane made it clear that he had no time for such omphaloskepsis!

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