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MacGyver, desiccate, circadian, stick-to-itness, n.

Which was when I fell down the stairs! there I was, one minute, watching a TV documentary about circadian rhythms – apparently having only a tenuous link to either the Roman Catholic Rhythm Method of Birth Control or Ian Dury's Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stickwhen the telephone began to ring, not my own, it was the landline with it's scratchy, desiccated tone like a cat dry-heaving after eating withered grass cuttings and the landline is downstairs in the hall and for once there was no-one else in the house: my aunts had all gone shopping together, a real once-in-a-blue-moon example of their stick-to-itness campaign to try to enforce guilty consciences by passive-aggressive techniques which won't work on my cousins, Isa and Milly, for they are usually at work when this moral blackmail is attempted, and fail on me because I will only go shopping with a list so I paused the TV and ran out of my room and thundered down the stairs until I realised, as soon as it slid from under my foot, that I'd left the hand-vacuum I'd been using to dry my hair – don't ask – and my feet went in opposite directions, one under, the other over, and I threw myself backwards in a MacGyver-maneuver I saw once in an episode of the much-loved/best-forgotten show, and should have enabled me to slide safely and elegantly to the bottom (under the sensors which on TV ran down the wall and this device would have avoided them) but for the fact that the foot which had gone under me, then got stuck between the bannisters and I was swung round and released only to bump down head-first and end-up sprawled in the hall, by which time the phone had stopped ringing! and that's where my aunts found me a little later, only to tell me they had phoned to ask me to look out for them so I could help them in with the bags, "but at least there's no bluid on the carpet, 'cause it can be a divil to get out properly," said Father Mungo Macaneny, putting down the bags of groceries, which he had been hauled in to carry because of my presumed AWOL status, as I hadn't answered the phone.

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