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Quandary Resolution 7980
warhorse, lour, acquisitive, hackman, n.

"Hark! laddies," said Blind Harry, leading the way doon the path, an keen tae demonstrate his sharp hearing: "ah kin hear an auld broken-doon nag, bein led doon ahent us, bi an auld hackman wi ginger hair, an acquisitive cast tae his lourin, scowlin features, piercin een an they're as black as sin – am a richt Humphrey?" an Humphrey squirmed at being asked: "c'mon laddie, tell us whit ye see!" sae Humphrey swallowed herd, afore launching intae a torrent o words: "weel Harry it's a horse richt enuff but it's a warhorse bein ridden uphill bi a squire wha's a young loon wi bricht blue een, blonde hair an a straw in his gub an he's gien us a freenly wave. . . . ." but Harry kicked a stane an then said grandly: "ah wis richt – a horse! then he stuck baith forefingers in his lugs, as if howkin oot wax, shook his heid tae dislodge it an growled: "hurry up laddies, ma belly's grummlin fer lack of food and liquor!"

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