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sudarium, athanor, ostentatious, bealach, n.

Dominic pulled out his sudarium and blew his nose like a trumpet: "don't make so much noise, Dom," said Sir Parlane, "we mustn't be discovered in here," then, "what's that you've found?" as Dominic eased a canvas to one side and indicated a stove: "it's ane o thae athanors," he said, triumphantly, "mind Doctor Dee had ane the very spit, thon big muckle thing he used fer aw his highfalutin alchemical experiments," and MacFarlane nodded: "it was a bit ostentatious, but what about it?" and Dominic shook his head: "unless ma memry's gaunin, this is the verra same ane, it's fair identickle," and he went behind it, and clapped his hands triumphantly: "bejasus, it is, the verra verra exact same, see here." and he pointed at something scratched into the metal; MacFarlane crouched down while Doubleday held the candle close, but careful not to let the hot wax drip on his Master's head, and then MacFarlane grinned back at him: "you're right, Dom, Doctor John Dee 1550! well now, unless she's got a strong Man and Cart to do her haulage at both ends of the Worm Hole, which could well be through a bealach, if not up and down a narrow mountain track, one of the entrances can't be far away, and she must be able to direct herself to particular Times if not Places – all these pictures must have been collected over a period, even if she had one exit/entry point in London in the 60s, on a particular date, she'd still have to spend time over there, gathering her loot, and it would take one journey back with each picture, look at the size of them! you can't exactly slip one under each arm, or hide it in a rucksack – this is a well-thought out plan, but unless she is a truly dedicated collector with a passion for Bridget Riley, it has to be a scam, like intending to put them up for sale at some future date when the price of such pieces will have risen, or even offering them back to the real owners for a slice of the insurance money they got; wash your hands well tonight, Dom, I think you need to have your Future told!" and they had a good laugh over that.

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