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Quandary Resolution 8008
lunule, tall order, gnomic, interparle, v.

And the haywain trundled on, bouncing him as it creaked and crashed over ruts grown hard as the sun had dried out and baked the muds from the recent rains, and his knee, with the torn meniscus, sent spasms through his bruised body and he could barely think; through the trees he caught glimpses of houses, a church with it's steeple pointing skyward, and he followed it's path up to the scattered clouds, little puffs of cotton-wool, wondering if he could see the lunule gash through which he had plunged in that rapid descent, during which he knew, for a certainty, that he would die and, even when he spotted the horses pulling the laden cart, never for one tenth of a second, entertained the briefest hope that it might save his life, until that last, tumbling moment, when he realised that it had been pitched perfectly, and that he would land on it's cushioning load, rather than under the horses' flailing hooves, and with equal certainty, that the driver would be utterly oblivious to the unexpected addition to it's weight; he had closed his eyes just before impact and been momentarily blinded and stunned, until the first flash of pain from his knee told him that he had survived and he had to bite down hard to stop himself laughing aloud, the gnomic alive, alive, alive, alive-oh-ho, and the sun was setting, he was able to make himself reasonably comfortable and take stock: he was in England, surely, for wasn't this the place of Constable, of the pre-Raphaelites, of horses and wagons and rolling hills and peaceful villages, or maybe he was simply romanticising the snatched glimpses of thatched roofs, of chestnut trees, of neat fields with hedgerows, and bluebirds, swifts and swallows darting in the open sky above, but he thought not, he had travelled through many centuries, many countries, many worlds, since his first, undignified passage through the backwaters of Time and Space, he had heard strange tongues and yet understood and could interparle in them all, had encountered so many different forms of intelligent life, but this was the first time he found himself alone, and with no escape route; he wondered if he could crawl over, or through the hay, to catch a sight of the driver, barely registered in the moments before landing, but he must try, for if it became necessary he may need to dispose of thee driver and take his place, but his knee, his bloody knee, was going to be a handicap, certainly it would be a tall order, so if it should prove necessary, the only advantage he could have would be that of surprise!

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