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Quandary Resolution 8012
lunule, aventurine, redaction, yokozuna, n.

Timothy Michaelmas-Daisy and Quentin Quibb sat in the Cabinet Office with the only secretary they trusted sufficiently, Fenella Cholmondeley-Featherstonehaugh* redacting Government documents before the result of the Conservative Party Leadership Election, to ensure that if, as was widely expected, Winnie-the-Pooh should be announced on Tuesday as the winner, he would have no evidential leverage on the retiring Cabinet Members; Tim was always bemused by Fenella, whose cut-crystal accent, courtesy of Cheltenham Ladies College and Somerville College, Oxford, never quite matched her yokozuna-like build and the delicate lunules of her fingernails, painted a glittering aventurine gold, but he had tremendous respect for her ability to spot a dangerous word or phrase in a dense page of text and instantly consign it to the afterlife, as much as for the Gold Medal she had won in the London Olympics in her chosen sport of Arm-Wrestling: "there," she said, "all done, there won't be any hanging, drawing or quartering here, or at least until he fails to deliver Brexit by Hallowe'en and has to face up to his promise to Do or Die! has any previous PM committed Hara Kiri in office?" and her laughter tinkled around the otherwise empty Bunker: "now, which of you boys is going to stand me a pint of Guinness?"

(*pronounced Chumley-Fanshaw - Ed)

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