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Quandary Resolution 8016
Manchurian candidate, churchical, desideratum, boody, v.

"Does that mean I'll still be Secretary of State?" asked Tim and Sir Wilfred beamed at him: "not for Brexiting the EU, Tim, dear boy," he said, giving Fenella and Quentin a wink: "but for the People's Vote, and your Departmental Ministers are Annie 'Get Your Gun' Soubrey and Maggie 'She'll Never Walk Down Lime Street Any More' Hodge," and then his phone chirruped again and he sneaked a peek at it: "hold your horses chaps," with an apologetic nod to Fenella, who grinned broadly, then he continued: "it looks like The Dame has changed her mind again; but that must be her prerequisite, so, in what was supposed to be her last Audience as PM, she's now going to ask Her Majesty to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election! and you, my dear Timothy, will be her Paladin – she actually names you as Chief Strategist, so get your thinking cap on!" and Tim blurted out: "but what about Winnie-the-Pooh? is he still going to be PM?" at which Sir Wilfred laughed: "that's the beauty of it, Timmy, there can't be a change in Party Leader and PM during an Election campaign, so his inauguration will be delayed until after the electorate decides – he might find himself Leader of the, or perhaps one of the, Opposition Parties, ha ha ha, serve him bloody right, excuse my language Fenella, but the whole point of having a Manchurian Candidate – or in this case, a Trumpington Candidate – is that he's supposed to get into High Office, not be left waiting on the doormat, and when High Office is his whole desideratum, it must feel a bit like being jilted at the altar, but in a Broadly Churchical Party like ours, no-one's got any time for babyish boody – if he wants petting when he sulks, he should have joined the Greens!"

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