Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
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Siberia, aspheterism, undergird, brujo, n.

The call seemed to come in the instant Tim had fallen asleep, his head resting on Fenella's ample bosom, but he found his phone tucked under her buttock; he eased it out and answered without checking the caller ID – a familiar voice reached his ear, but his semi-conscious mind was having difficulty in placing the plummy tone: "yo, Jude, I don't think we've ever met but are you up for some Facetime?" and gradually Tim realised that it was Winnie-the-Pooh, the baby-faced blonde who was now Prime Minister: "yes, surely, of course, at your service. . .errr. . .PM," he felt unable to be any more obsequious to a man he had never met, but instinctively loathed with more force than he had ever experienced before; the voice continued: "kool, baby, who loves ya?" and Tim dithered between replying: "you do," or perhaps: "actually, I think Fenella does," but instead waited, believing that it had been rhetorical, so the new PM continued: "super job you're doing, bro super, keep you there, not tainted by your working for The Dame, ma homey, hey, you're working for The Jude now, Real Kool!. pop into The Bunker, baby, shake your Mojo with me, sign on some lines, we found some nice bubbly in Sir Wilf's filing cabinet, having a gig, swinging, there's a car outside your pad, bro, jump in and roll over, we'll have a blast, lemme know what you think of the new Acronym – Jude Unites Nation Keeps Inspiring Real Kool Security Peace In Region In Time = DUNKIRK SPIRIT - don't it grab ya by the balls, hey, see ya in five, bring ya sugar, this is Party Central, ciao sweet lips!" – and the connection broke as Tim remembered what Fenella had been saying about Winnie's attempt at Street Talk, he calls himself Dude, but he can only say Jude, and not for the first time, Tim wondered if he might be a more honourable public servant if he simply jumped ship now and joined Anna Soubrey's Change UK partyChUK! why am thinking in Acronyms? he wondered, but maybe it would be a better alternative to exile in Siberia (or, God forbid, Coventry!), then again, if he was going to be true to his egalitarian beliefs, to embrace aspheterism – but where would that take him? what sort of undergrid would that involve? he would be a Pariah in the eyes of his Party, but should their excoriation really deter him? he could always adopt some of the new PM's brujo? and become a Conjurer, a Magician, "it might serve you better to learn to play a banjo, and take up a busking stance on the River Steps," said a familiar voice; Tim pulled the curtains open and was amazed to find Mr Scratch sitting there, smoking a long pipe!

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