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Quandary Resolution 8163
Debbie Downer, style, scapegoat, hand-me-down, adj. and n.

Which was when Teri's mobile rang – but with none of the style that Riddle's had just The Flight of the Bumble Bee – and she said: "it's Debbie Downer, in Melrose," and answered the call: "you'll never believe it, Teri," said Debbie, "I was handing some old hand-me-down's into the Chest, Heart and Stroke shop at the bottom of the High Street, when who should accost me?" and Teri shrugged: "who?" and Debbie began to whisper, urgently, as if she was afraid of being overheard, although Teri had already put the phone on Speaker: "Ranulph Ochan'toshan, that weasel, he's got a hearing in the Sheriff Court tomorrow to have the charges against MacFarlane and Doubleday dropped, some Edinburgh Solicitor, Peter Boo, remember him, the one who got Ochan'toshan released on bail?" and Teri nodded: "yes, and nothing's happened since, but Peter Boo was in the group who got out of Milan with Roxie, why is he acting for those creeps?" and Debbie continued: "seems Solicitors and Writers to the Signet can't refuse a client, some shite about professional ethics and the right of representation, anyway, he's going around telling anyone he can grab – or grope – that they are being made scapegoats for the deficiencies of Police Scotland, piece of kack if you ask me, but mark my words, they'll probably walk out of Court free as birds and scarper, pronto, leaving Isa and Milly in the shit – you know what lawyers are like," which Teri did; she thanked Debbie and said she and Jasmine would try to get down to Jedburgh in time for the hearing, then turned to Felix: "what happened next?"

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