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Quandary Resolution 8165
Tapleyism, nide, blandish, CRUD, n.2

"Well," said Felix, "they went to the Saloon for luncheon, then returned to the Forecastle, but were disturbed quite soon after," and Jasmine asked: "by what? or whom?" and Felix read on: "the Swami telt me mair aboot the encounter amang the mountain valleys an passes in Afghanistan, when he rescued the young Scotch subaltern cried MacFarlane – addin that the faimly resemblance was owerwhelmin an that iffen he didna ken better, he's swear they wis yin an the same: 'o, Sir Principle to me his blandishments offers, as if I a trained monkey were and greedy for tit-bits,' when oo wis interrupted by a loud 'Halloo!" an the faces o MacFarlane an Doubleday appeared ower the rail "why, such a cosy little nide these two partridges have discovered for themselves,' said the Baronet, offering cigars to me and the Swami – which we baith declined, then his hip flask, which we baith accepted, and when ah'd handed back the flask, he sits hissel doon atween us, wi Doubleday loungin ower the rail; then MacFarlane gied us a lang exposition oan the unworldliness o Tapleyism, commentin that seein the world thru rose-tinted spectacles cood easily be a naive person's undaen, an hopin that oo never suffered such a fate," then, wi Doubleday smirkin, they left us tae ruminate, until the Swami said: "you notice, my wee Mental Detective, the clue unwittingly he exposed?' an ah stared at him, gobsmacked, an replied 'nah, Swami, ah didnae see owt?' and the Swami chuckled an tousled mah hair, then promised to teach me the art of whit he cried CRUD an when ah askit him whit it meant, other than a Country Pancake or Coo-Pat, he laughed and explained that when I Can Read Upside Down, I would learn many more secrets, an then telt aboot the engraving on MacFarlane's hip flask, an fair cood huv blown me ower wi a feather!"

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