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shell-shocked, vinous, sempiternal, calliblephary, n.

"Maybe I'm shell-shocked," said Pete, hesitantly, and told them of the bird being shot by a bazooka and tumbling down towards him, wondering if he was showing himself to be foolish and pathetic, "for why on Earth would anyone want to shoot me?" but then, catching sight of a vinous-red candle, it's flame no brighter than the dim lamp downstairs, flickering in the air from the window where it stood, he realised that the welcome of Toc H was sempiternal and universal, that it represented the human spirit in it's finest expression, and asked: "you mentioned Talbot House in France, but I always thought it was in Belgium," and Aggie laughed: "that's Algie for you, Pete, that's why he's a philosopher and not a geographer – he's never quite understood the difference between France and Belgium, and Holland, too, for that matter," and Algie grinned at what he clearly regarded as a compliment, then said: "nor have I ever understood the reason why women wear calliblephary cosmetics to simulate the shadows and bruises of lack of sleep, but I suppose I'm not the only man to fail that test," as Aggie gave him a mock slap on the arm, then faced Pete: "do you really think the shot was aimed at you?" but he shook his head, "no, but on the other hand, to fire something like that so close to the houses was incredibly dangerous – if the bird had been much lower, I could have been hit by accident or if the shot missed the bird it could have blown up the cottage!" so Algie asked him: "do you want to tell the police?" but Pete was adamant, "definitely not," he said, firmly, "the last thing I want is to give anything away about my whereabouts," and he told them of seeing MacFarlane and Doubleday at the other end of he alley: "they were obviously looking for me, and I cannot let them find me – you have no idea how safe I felt as soon as I entered this house and met you, my prayers answered," and the twins smiled back at him, and round the little table, the three joined hands and Algie spontaneously offered a modest little prayer for safety and acceptance.

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