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Quandary Resolution 8271
jouissance, status symbol, coup de grâce, monk, n.3

To Dr Goebbels, the house by the Wannsee and it's starry chatelaine may have provided him with a status symbol – which his short stature never could – but they failed to bring him any jouissance, and ecstasy, or simple joy, for he was as cold as a dead haddock on the fishmonger's slab, forever in a monk at some slight by Der Fuhrer, the Reichsmarshall, the Reichsfuhrer-SS, those three poseurs who weren't worth two pfennigs compared to Him, for it was His propaganda, His flair for publicity, for pithy phrases and slogans, His words that Hitler spouted to stir up the masses, to scare the industrialists, the financiers, the Jews; it was He, Goebbels who had whispered in Adolf's ear and enabled him to deliver the coup de grâce to the old Queen, Röhm which, left to his own devices, would never have happened; they all needed Him more than he did them, but the trouble was, only He knew it! and tonight, as he opened the door and called out, "Olga, Liebchen, it is me, your Tarzan," and beat his puny chest with small, bony fists, instead of the yodelling call of the real Man of the Jungle, he collapsed into a chair with a coughing fit: "fuck this for a game of soldiers," he wailed and almost fancied he heard the apparently empty house laughing at him, but it was actually the quiet sniggering of the four people in the basement – Vlado, Holly, J Alfred and Olga herself: "of course," she whispered to Prufrock, "you do know that none of Magda's children bears the slightest resemblance to him? apart from having heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes – she has a secret lover, who she meets once or twice a year at Baden-Baden where they both take the waters and exchange bodily fluids – I've worked with him on a few movies, he's quite a hunk, and his organ," she whistled softly, "it's like a baseball bat compared to Little Joe's which is smaller than my pinkie!" and the American Major blushed, for he did not consider it proper for such talk to come from women, or, indeed, men, for that matter!

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