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Magdalene, oximeter, belle epoque, Fagin, n.

Of course, Prince Hubertus wanted the dress of a heroic - and poetic - figure from la Belle Epoque, whom he seemed to be confusing with Lord Byron, while Olga - who had played Nancy in a translation of Oliver Twist with Emil Jannings as Fagin - cast herself as a Magdalene heroine, something like Marguerite Gautier in La Dame aux Camélias; Prufrock and Martins found costumes from Two Gentlemen of Verona which fitted them nicely, while Palestrina, Gertie and Elizabeth were easy to cast as The Three Graces, although in truth they looked more like Dresden Shepherdesses; the one snag was the unexpected arrival of Uncle Hans Steckrübe who had driven the others to the Wannsee and simply tagged along with them through the secret tunnel - an oximeter would have rung alarm bells when the Americans saw him walk into the basement, but Vlado, with his usual excellent timing, cut them off with a whispered: "we'll find him a costume, let him think he's getting out with the rest of us, but I'll put a bullet in his head when the Stink Bomb goes off," and walked straight up to the sleazy child molestor and said: "Hans, am I glad to see you - I really need someone who knows about radio transmitters, none of these mensch knows the difference between a valve and a switch!" and heads together they went into the Bulgarian's workroom.

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