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homily, prototype, mellifluous, morra, n.

As Goliath MacGillycuddy and his old friend Dai Davies made their way through the teeming streets of Jerusalem, it's markets thronged with erstwhile holidaymakers from Pontypridd and Llareggub who'd long overstayed their original welcome to the extent that they were now fully integrated with the resident population, the giant, in surprisingly mellifluous tones couldn't help but deliver himself of a homily on "ra futility o thinkin only aboot ra day an ra morra: cos ah'm a kinda prototype o whit kin become o onyane wha's re-born in the sicht o the Creator: see, yon Jesus Johnny, he's goat the gift o Heilin Hauns, kin mak the blin see agen, cripples pick up their beds an woks, Mutt an Jeff fowk hear burdies chirpin an loons whustlin, even men wha've snuffed it arise an gaun noo, an gaun tae Inishfree, or the bookies, or the chippie, doon ra Swannie, or onywhaur they wannie; efter ah've thankit him ah'm goannie jine his band o Merrie Men an spreed the wurd, mebbe even chinge ma auld name tae sumpn mair Christian, like Harry or Peter, an gaun aw ower the wurld proclaimin Him as the Messiah!" and Dai gied him a funny look as if to say, 'thon pebble's dun mair'n gie ye a wee spot o concussion, Golly, it's scrambled yer brains an mair aside – yer totally Mental!'

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