Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 8297
amaxophobia, golden touch, punctilio, halcyon, n. and adj.

The Pilgrims were a noisy bunch, milling about in their costumes and loading their overnight bags onto an old land rover which Aggie was to drive to their first stop – not suffering from Algie's amaxophobia and having a reputation for the golden touch when it came to internal combustion engines; Algie himself was full of punctilio, checking everything off on one of his lists and like a halcyon in his promises of fine weather ahead: Roxy Davidova was dressed as Madame Eglantine the Prioress, much to Maude's chagrin, with two, rather tall Muslim women in full Burkha, with only their brooding eyes showing, as a pair of Nuns and Leslie Howard cutting a fine figure as the Knight, while little, moon-faced Peter Lorre was dressed as the Pardoner; Daphne and Maude being the Miller and the Cook, while the gnome-like Uncle Tom Cobley looked every inch the weather-beaten Shipman; once everyone was confirmed as ready for the off, Algie – in the role of Geoffrey Chaucer himself – declared that it was time to start, blew an old railway whistle he always carried, and marched confidently up the hill, at a steady but comfortable pace, and the rest began to follow him; Uncle Norman, or Ulla Ulp, or however he saw himself, was well padded and decked out as the Wife of Bath and in company with Hyman Kaplan, in the guise of the Clerk of Oxford, walked somewhere in the middle of the throng, just ahead of Wild Bill playing the part of the Physician, with Grigori Rasputin alongside him having chosen to be the Parson: "type casting," as Bill commented, noticing that his companion was carrying an old Orthodox Bible in one hand and a Russian crucifix in the other

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