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Quandary Resolution 8395
makepeace, nervous, sea change, amour fou, n.

Of course, Enneas - or N as he was beginning to get used to being - had always been a makepeace kind of guy, even in his memories of being a child at Nutwood Village School, he was the one who defused arguments and disagreements between his school-fellows before they became scratching, spitting, biting scraps, and those memories were so fresh and vivid, they might almost have been newly-minted - well, of course, they were, weren't they - so the letter he spent all night on, addressing the justified grievances of The Nutwood Players over the Performing Licences for the Village Hall and the Bandstand in Nutwood Village Park, were a model of sound argument with no descent into rancour or bitterness, and when he read it over to Olive, in the morning, before taking it to the Village Clerk, she was full of admiration for his tact and common-sense, but even so, he did feel a little nervous as he entered Gregory's office, even though he and Gregory had been through school together and even in the same year at University in the town of dreaming spires which was situated just a short distance away, over the hills and in the next valley to their own; true, they weren't particularly close - Gregory played rugby while Enneas played chess, and Gregory was the rhythm guitarist in an amateur rock band while Enneas sang tenor in the University Operatic Society - but they had known one another all their lives, though while Enneas went into his father's legal practice, Gregory had followed in his father's footsteps, becoming first the Assistant Parish Clerk, then Deputy and on Gregory Senior's retirement, Nutwood Parish Council Clerk and de facto senior administrator of the entire valley, for Councillors and Chairmen came and went according to the whims of the electorate, but the Clerk was in with the bricks; however, Gregory was beaming at the sight of his old chum, and rose to welcome him into the inner sanctum, offering a chair by the fireside, while he poured them each a glass of an extremely expensive Scottish Single Malt which he had shipped direct from the Distillery on a regular standing order: "this is the first time you've been in here, Enneas," he said in his deep bass voice, "to what do I owe the pleasure?" and as he handed the letter over, Enneas explained briefly the concerns of the Players at the Licences being assigned to a third party, to wit, Gilly Grasper; at once, Gregory's face paled, his hand shook and several costly drops of the amber nectar splashed his expansive waistcoat; this was a remarkable sea-change, for Gregory was a consummate legal officer and had by now been the steady hand on the helm of local government in the Parish for seven years and Enneas could not for the life of him think of any reason for Gregory's flustered state: "there has been a development with regard to these Licences, and indeed other things, Enneas, maybe nothing to do with the Licences directly, maybe everything to do with other things, absolutely unknown unknowns, malicious gossip, you know what it's like in a village seething with Miss Marples and Neighbourhood Snoops, it's all rather up in the air, under a cloud, lost in the fog, needle in a haystack sort of thing, taken something of a wrong turning, come to a dead end - oh!" he reddened and Enneas stared in bewilderment, totally at a loss: "what on earth do you mean Gregory?" he asked when the Clerk paused for breath, but that only prompted him to stand up and, as if in the grip of some kind of amour fou begin walking in circles, figures of eight, backwards, even for a time doing the Shadows Walk he and the other guitarists had performed during their years of playing at student dances, christenings, weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, and even some funerals - well, at the wakes anyway - and he waved his arms, his glass now empty though not a drop had reached his lips, and prattled on incoherently, something about a mystery, a local scandal, a disappearance, a kidnapping, a flight to a distant country without an extradition agreement, concrete boots, deep sixed, all a misunderstanding, public enquiry, and then, ominously, Scotland Yard!

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