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Quandary Resolution 8401
pleniloquence, Pi Day, hoise, metamathematics, n.

But, if anyone other than Kermit Hackensack had the gift of the gab, sometimes referred to as pleniloquence, at others, verbal diarrhoea, it was the ambidextrous Hugo Ball – often mistaken at first encounter for a diffident, shy, modest, and essentially nice and Germanically polite, poet, publisher, juggler and front-end of a pantomime cow – who, whenever he felt that there was a lack of extant words sufficient to his purpose, simply coined more, and more, in the same way as an enthusiastic book-keeper might improve his own ledger with the addition of some extra 0s, whether Francs or Rappen, so Ball could introduce a dozen – or thirty – quite new, unique, linguistically sound and possessing all the attributes of a provenance, words and phrases at – quite literally – the drop of his hat; and now, on an unseasonably sunny Pi Day - the 14th of March - encountering a rather zealous historicist who was impassioned and compelled to teach his listener – any listener, but usually only one, for when he focussed on one person, most others in the vicinity tended to melt away like snow in sunshine – the fundamental truths of the Book of Revelation and particularly the many predictions which had already come to pass over the preceding millennia, he was a former metamathematician at Heidelberg University who had been dismissed because of his obsessions, and even hoised by his former students and left dangling and still declaiming, outside the Rector's window, until a janitor climbed up and cut him down, but Hugo listened hard, a look of rapt concentration on his face, his head bobbing up and down as he demonstrated his acceptance of the historical truths the holy man was relating to him, and then he uttered something, clearly an expression of acknowledgement and agreement, and this so cheered the teacher, that he himself repeated it back, although he obviously had no prior knowledge of the word, so Hugo said a few more, which probably sounded familiar, and the religieuse picked them up and ran with them, all of which gave their creator the opportunity to mint verbal and adjectival variants and the conversation flowed back and forth between them for ten minutes, twenty, thirty, sheer and utter nonsense, none of it having any meaning or linguistic function except to illustrate Ball's Thesis: the universal truth that Man is Absurd!

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