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hippocrene, felicitous, ninja, baselard, n.

Nurse Jekyll, for her part, was felicitous and professional, explaining that her brother would like to see Mademoiselle d'Eon after this short examination and then proceeded to check the patient's temperature, pulse, blood pressure, eyes, ears, nose and throat and, when all seemed perfectly normal, she lead the way to the Doctor's own Consulting Room; this was a finely proportioned study, overlooking a small, sunny garden in which several girls, or young women, possibly friends or servants, were engaged in easy horticulture in a sweetly hippocrene scene which might have inspired a romantic poet or painterpruning, tying, sweeping and hoeing, and d'Eon unexpectedly felt envy for their sense of safety and belongingthe garden was sheltered, with three walls beyond the house, had several trees and even a garden tower in one of the far corners; such an oasis in the centre of London was surprising and she wondered how on earth a General Practitioner could afford the place; the doctor, himself, was seated behind a desk which glowed in the slant of sun across it's walnut top and he stood when the two women entered, then indicated that Mlle d'Eon should take the chair opposite his and Nurse Jekyll handed him a piece of paper on which she had made brief notes, turned, smiled at Geneviève, then left, closing the door behind her; Doctor Jekyll studied the notes, then looked up, smiling: "who exactly are you, Mademoiselle, really?" and d'Eon felt herself beguiled, this was not what she had expected and it unsettled her, what did he guess, what had his sister surmised? what could he possibly know? nothing, surely; trained and experienced, she knew that she could withstand physical pressuretorture evenfor the most part, but this empathetic expression, sympathetic voice, and precise words, had taken her by surprise, she a ninja, a spy, diplomat, assassin, sworn to defend the King of France with her life, but now felt that the miniature baselard dagger she always carried secreted in her corset, was pricking her skin and would draw blood if she did not continue to breathe, or answer this strange man, whose eyes saw through her own and into the darkest recesses of her mind.

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