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Quandary Resolution 8415
horse sense, atompunk, derogate, frammis, n.

"You spoke of horse sense, Doctor," said Mlle d'Eon, and Jekyll put up his hand: "Henry, please, strictly speaking you are not yet my patient, Mademoiselle," and it was her turn to smile: "then call me Geneviève, Henry," at which he nodded, and patted her hand: "not that I can derogate my responsibilities as a doctor, when I encounter another person who requires help, but the relationship is different, equal, and that expression means common sense," so Geneviève laughed: "not some kind of neighing or whinnying frammis, then," and took another sip of cordial, before: "over the years of my career in the service of His Majesty, I travelled all over Europe, even to Asia and across the sea to the Americas; I also moved between the Present – by which I mean times which match my chronological age – and both Past and Future, although there were many Pasts, and just two Futures, before today; one of those was known as Steam Punk, the other Atom Punk, in each case, a reference to the latest technological developments, just as we refer to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and so on, although I only once went back so far, and that in your country," he gazed at her, "England?" and she smiled, "no, Henry, your own country, Scotland!"  

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