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Pelion, whelm, forsooth, baby blues, n.2

The three friends sent out—oh, I forgot to mention that Fanny and Stella had a maid-of-all-work, colloquially known as a skivvy, or slavey, in this case a teenager from Stepney who had run away from her childhood suffering at the hands of a brutalising, drunken father, a former French Foreign Legionnaire named Gaston Pelion, who had deserted and fled to England, and a gin-sodden mother, Mags (nee Quigley) so downtrodden as to be able to watch what her father did to her, without raising a hand or uttering a word of objection; she was the fourth child of that loveless, abusive marriage, the first three, all girls, leaving the house as soon as they could and never heard of again, alive or dead; the fourth was a boy, which fact the father denied, forcing the apathetic mother to dress the baby as a girl and even going so far as to register the birth as a girl, Maisie Pelion; when Maisie, who believed she was a girl, having no reason to doubt it, was seven and her mother no longer able to satisfy the depravity of her husband, he turned his attention to the child, treating her as he had his three older daughters and this persisted for five years, and until, one wild and stormy night, when she was twelve, she stabbed him in the eye with a knitting needle, pushing it deep into his brain and watching with fascination as he died: "don't tell them it was me," were her last words as she took what few clothes she possessed in a bundle and ran out, leaving the front door banging in the gale; after several days and nights, lost and unknown in the huge city she had never known about, beyond the few streets of Stepney that were the limits of her short life till then, Maisie was discovered by Stella and Fanny, sleeping in their doorway, soaked to the skin and filthy with the grime of her life; they took her in, fetched Doctor Jekyll and his sister, and between them, nursed the child back to consciousness, which took three weeks before Henry formally discharged her from his care and discussed the child's prospects: "although she is physically a boy, she is adamant that she is a girl and cites her name, Maisie, as proof; she answers the description of a child from Stepney, also Maisie, sought by police there for the murder of her father, I have made discreet enquiries among contacts I have on the Force and it seems unlikely that the child the police are 'looking-for' will ever be found, the father had a reputation as a violent drunk, a thuggish bully, vicious wife-beater, and generally, his death is regarded as no loss to anyone, and the police are quite happy to shut down the case as unsolved so, if you don't tell, I won't; Fanny and Stella needed no prompting, they asked Maisie if she would like to stay with them as their maid, she would receive a wage and her keep and as she refused to go to school, they would teach her at home as best they could, and she was whelmed, having been afraid that when she was better these classy, posh, rich (as she perceived their lives to be) women would send her away, but now they were saying that they wanted her to stay with them and be their maid; so happy was she that she could not speak, so confused that anyone should be kind that she could find no words, so overcome with conflicting emotions (what if she let them down, if they changed their minds, if they found out what she had done, if she wasn't up to the job, if they got bored with her or fed up with teaching her) that she sat silent, shaking, until tears, the first she had ever shed in her life, coursed down her cheeks and she found herself embraced by the only people in the world, apart from the doctor and nurse, who had ever shown that they cared about her, and she sobbed her heart out: "don't worry," said Stella, "you've just got the baby blues, but they'll pass," and Fanny said: "forsooth they will, or I'll want to know the reason why! come on now, Maisie Quigley, wash your face, it's Friday night and we're going out for a slap-up fish supper, and then the Music Hall, Danny O'Dowd and Marie Nightingale are top of the bill and if you've never seen a man tied up in knots before, prepare to be amazed with The Indiarubber Man, whose arms and legs are as bendy as pipe-cleaners, and Flighty Frankie Fanshaw is the comedian, if he can't make you laugh, no-one can, just make sure you go for a wee before the show, we don't want you sitting in a puddle after Frankie's turn," and now, four years later, a pretty sixteen-year-old, with red hair and a snub nose, she was a credit to Stella and Fanny—for food from the cook-shop and Fanny produced a bottle of wine, a gift from Henry, and her two new friends told Geneviève the fairly-full and largely-true stories of their lives, and in return she regaled them with a pack of lies.

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