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Quandary Resolution 8426
vandal, munshi, berserk, chicken scratch, n. and adj.

MacFarlane spoke into a microphone and shortly after, two crewmen, in the distinctive MacFarlane Tartan uniform—so familiar todemerged from the wheelhouse and Denzil told them where to take the unconscious pilot: "we'll keep him alive, with your face, Boss," the Bornean said, in the perfectly modulated tones of a former Gordonstoun boy, "then it'll be a doddle to replace yours when you return," and MacFarlane nodded thoughtfully, before sating: "I'm not a vandal, Munshi," referring to one of Denzil's disparate roles in his workforce, where he was an assassin, a life-saving surgeon, personal secretary, language teachhe had forty-five at his immediate command and another seventy on the back-burner, which he liked to brush-up for a couple of hours before using them in publicand Skipper in the Nuclear Submarine of which the fishing boat on which they stood, was merely an elaborately, and effectively, disguised Conning Tower: "no-one believes you are, Boss, surely," he didn't like it when MacFarlane was in one of his self-awareness moods, it could put them into the cross-hairs of some pretty berserk enemies they had made over the centuries in which they had operated, and some of those had come close to finishing off MacFarlane, Denzil himself, Doubleday and Elginbrod on more than one occasion, even some who were inarticulate, illiterate and could barely write more than chicken-scratch, and no self-respecting Operatorand Denzil certainly regarded himself as an Operatorwants that on his headstone: 'slain by the Toon Tong BoysYa Bass!' spray-painted in Runes.

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