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nimrodize, grandfather, seder, daddock, n.

"I don't nimrodize, do I Denzil?" asked Sir Parlane, looking out over the sullen waters of the English Channel, "I'm not unreasonable, am I?" and the thrummmm of the submarine's engines below th surface vibrated through their feet: "oh, no, Boss," assured Denzil, "you treat all the boys the same, equal rights, no grandfather rules for the old timers and longer hours with less pay for the newbies," and MacFarlane nodded, then: "and we all sit round the table for the seder, no favouritism?" and Denzil conceded: "that's the truth, Boss," and was rewarded by a pat on the shoulder: "but if I came across a piece of daddock, you know, rotten wood, I'd have to cut it out, yes?" and Denzil was indignant: "let me do it for you, Boss, that's what we're here for, so you don't have to do everything yourself, like before The Ring!" and MacFarlane chuckled, "oh, those were strange times, Denzil, before The Ring, before Dominic and I, on one fateful night, sealed the fate of the world, and all thanks to a Map - not just any map—The Map of Time and Space; it unleashed the Freedom to be anywhere, at any time—at the same time—to know beforehand what would happen afterwards, to escape from any serious difficulty, even death - particularly Death! if it hadn't been for that Map. . . . ." and Denzil offered MacFarlane a cigarette, lit it with a gold Zippo, and said: ". . . . .we wouldn't be here now?" and MacFarlane nodded: "not wouldn't, Denzil, couldn't; I would have been dead for seven hundred years by now, when were you born?" and Denzil winked, "you know fine well, Boss, I haven't been born yet," and he relaxed, the Boss's normal service seemed to have been resumed, "so, will we go down to Theatre, and swap your face?" was met with a cheerful smile: "you're the only surgeon I would trust with my life, Denzil, let's do it, and set course for Banna Strand." 

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