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Quandary Resolution 8447
hoary, desiccate, emblem, mauvais ton, adj.

"Naturally," said Zadok, recovering his composure smoothly, "King Saul would not wish to lower himself to the level of gefilte fish market traders, insulting the Nazarene, and becoming embroiled in an argument about his or another person's claim on the crown," and Charlie Chesterfield piped up: "and anyway, if this Jesse Joseph is The Messiah, as a lotta people in the country are saying, why would he bother with an earthly title? to be King of the Jews is no great shakes, when The Messiah can promise the World and all it's bounty, and Heaven besides! old Solly'd be hard pushed to win that argument," and with a nod, he fell silent, then Zadok, his face turning a worrying red, snarled: "belt up, you hoary old oaf!" at which Charlie jumped to his feet, fists up as if to strike the Pharisee: "don't think I don't know your game, Zadok, I may be hoary, I admit, my hair was grey and is now white as the driven snow, but desiccated I ain't; I still bear the emblem of Auschwitz," and he pulled up his sleeve to show the tattoo of his number, "where were you during the Shoah? snug as a bug in a rug in Ponty, and wasn't your dad one of Mosley's Blackshirts? but they got a hammering when they tried to hold a open-air meeting in Red Rhondda, only the Mounted Police saved them in Tonypandy!" and there were nods and shouts of agreement, even though Mo and Charlie were the only ones present who could have been alive in the 1930s, and Zadok had his doubts as to whether they were old enough to actually have any memory of what happened to his father, or simply remembered what they had been told about itescaping from the pitched battle dressed as a woman and later being arrested, first for soliciting as a prostitute and then, when his true gender was revealed, being charged with importuning for immoral purposes and when he tried to explain in court why he had been dressed as he was, the Communist Magistrate sentenced him to 5 years hard labour in prison! in his frustration, Zadok said something which, in the context of who he was, the others present, where they were and why, was quite mauvais ton, and you can probably guess what it was, for two seconds later, Zadok reeled out of the Committee Room, with a black eye and a jeely nose, both hands clutching his groin and behind him several septuagenarians and two octogenarians were struggling to stop a nonagenarian from finishing the job he had just started, which might mean that he, Charlie Chesterfield, could be having his name, instead of that of Jesse the Nazarene, submitted to the Ponty Pilot for his deliberation!

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