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Quandary Resolution 8449
precocious, turn turtle, gratuitous, saturnine, adj. and n.

When he opened his bloodshot eyes, the bright Middle Eastern sunlight was like a blow from a red-hot poker and he screwed them tight shut—he was drained, exhausted, wished he were back in Ponty, but no such luck—he recalled his young self, proud that his father—despite his pre-war reputation, Dai Organ Morgan had been accepted in the town thanks mainly to his fortunate conversion by Rev Sam and then the energy with which he had overseen the construction of the Jerusalem Tabernacle—could play the music for all the rousing hymns and had such a fine stirring voice and was looked up to be everyone, then his mind came back to the present; he knew what he had to do, so pulling on his robes he made his way to the Sanhedrin Corporation office and summoned his secretary, the precocious teenager, Lycra Croft: "take a letter, Miss Croft," and when she remained standing, asked: "what are you waiting for, Lycra?" and she replied: "the letter you want me to take, Mr Zadok," with which his heart sank even further: "it's not written yet, I'm going to dictate a letter to the Ponty Pilot and you will write it down, that's called 'taking a letter', see you?" and she nodded, obviously mystified, but he handed her a spiral notebook and a pen and when he sat in his chair, she did likewise on the other side of his desk: "good," he said, "now this to the Ponty Pilot, Dear Owen," Lycra stopped writing almost before she had started: "you said it was for Mr Pilot, sir, who's Mr Owen?" and Zadok sighed: "the Ponty Pilot is like his job, as mine is High Priest, his name is Owen Glendower, and he's a friend, so I address him as Owen, ok?" and she nodded and wrote something in the pad, and Zadok continued: "regarding the accusations against the itinerant Preacher and alleged Revolutionary, Rabbi Jesse Joseph, while I would never turn turtle, for the man seems determined to condemn himself by his words, deeds and prophecies, yet I wonder if gratuitously condemning him to death might not be playing into his hands—some of these people believe that Martyrdom can achieve their goals faster and with greater popular support than another ten years of agitation and they do not hold so dearly to their own lives as the rest of us; the Sanhedrin is divided on the issue, King Saul has indicated that he will support whatever you choose to decree, so I respectfully suggest that perhaps in this case, for now at least, Justice might be best served with Mercy and that you set the Rabbi free, on Probation and Bound Over, rather than Condemn him to Death. I have booked a round for us at my golf club this afternoon, and remember, one of the rules is, strictly no business may be discussed, so that should give us both a pleasant break—3.30pm in the Clubhouse—yours ever, Zadok," can you type it up and I'll sign it, Lycra?" and she left the room, returning after only fifteen minutes with the letter, but he was busy on a call to his accountant, so merely scrawled his name and handed the sheet back to Lycra, who put it in an envelope and asked if she should take it to the Governor immediately: "yes, yes, poste haste," said the High Priest, heartened by news that several of his investments were accumulating nicely, he felt much less saturnine than he had at the start of the day—he had solved the problem of the Renegade Rabbi, who would now owe him big-time; he had set it up so that if the release should cause trouble, it was the Ponty Pilot's final decision not any advice given to him that would be remembered; and he had shown Solly to be vacillating and vacuous, instead of taking a decisive lead, which might just tip the odds in favour of himself if the King could be toppled; and watching Lycra's bottom as she bent over her own desk in the outer office, to lick the flap and seal the envelope, he realised just how pretty it was and that thick as she may be, she was young, firm and succulent and it was probably about time for him to enjoy some of the fruits of his labours, "let's just get this weekend out of the way, the Rabbi can wander off down to Galilee and he'll soon be forgotten, Solly will lose the support of both sides for not taking one himself, and I will be remembered as the Wise Counsellor who restored Peace to the Temple, to Jerusalem and to Israel—Zadok for King—sounds good to me!"

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