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Quandary Resolution 8458
gazump, brubru, aggrandize, sinistrorse, adj.

The sole house on Muldoanich, were you able to see through it's three feet thick stone walls, was unusual, to say the least: the ground floor was, to all intents and purposes, a standard but and ben, with, on one side of the front door, a combined kitchen/dining/living-room and on the otherben the hoosewas the bedroom, now with an en-suite, but only used for (very) occasional visitors; down the sinistrorse spiral staircase, obviously based on those molluscs which coil anti-clockwise, led to the main living area, with it's magnificent thirty foot long curved window, cut out of the western face of the hillside, offering a spectacular and unrivalled view of the larger islands, from Barra to th north all the way down to Mingulay, a smudge on the south-western horizon; here was the main galley, where Dominic Doubleday cookedmainly old recipes from his mother, whose Great-Grannie had been born here, on the island, the last person to have lived on it until her great-great-grandson and his business partner collected it as collateral from a client who went bankrupt, owing them more than he would ever knowtheir separate bedrooms, the capacious lounge and their Hub, from where MacMoney spread out it's tentacles in the various markets and sucked in a steady flow of funds; they specialised in gazumping and dumping, not to aggrandize themselvesor their clientsbut often, just because they could, and they rather liked to see people squirm; but for now, Sir Parlane was staring through his binoculars, looking out of the slightly smaller, at twenty feet long, eastern window: "it's a brubru, I'm sure of it, floating on the sea," and Dominic hurried over, accepted the glasses from MacFarlane and focussed: "ya, balloon," he snarled, then laughed: "it's jist an Irn Bru bottle, likely tossed aff the ferry, but. . . . .he stared hard and lowered the gasses, "it looks like it's got a message or something inside, definately a piece o paper," which MacFarlane confirmed after another, closer look and then saying: "let's go see if we can fish it in, might be interesting!"

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