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Quandary Resolution 8465
transect, schlubby, exiguous, begrudgery, n.

Let us transect the piffle: Peter Boo's wife, whose name I had rather unforgivably forgottenif something unforgivable can have mitigating degreesis, of course, as I was reliably informed by Aunt Maude this morning, Noushka, and their children are Athena (8) and Paris (6) and while some begrudgery has been evident in certain quarters that an Edinburgh Writer to the Signet should be virtually squatting in Talbot House with it's Toc H Curators, Algie and Aggie MacDuff, almost identical twins, not a married couple, it is only fair that I explainin the vaguest possible termsthat Peter has taken a sabbatical from his legal practice and, although he has successfully trousered a substantial sum for the sale of the old family house in the city, he is presently unemployed, although doing a lot of voluntary work to help renovate Talbot Housewhich is why his appearance now is pretty schlubby, with daubs of paint on his clothes and face, pieces of plaster in his hair and holes at the knees of his dungarees, but knowing that Toc H's finances are exiguous, he contributes a fair sum every month to pay for his family's rooms and board—according to Auntie May, who is Aggie's Bridge partner every Wednesday afternoon in the Holy Trinity Church Hall—while contemplating his future, and there has been talkalthough informed or not, I can hardly say, not myself being a gossip, and don't look at me like that!—suggesting he may be considering taking Holy Orders, which can take several years and mouths still to be fed, so his cash reserves will certainly not be increasing, and Auntie Maude. . . . .oh, did I ever explain about how Maude and Madame Oyzell came back to us?

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