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Quandary Resolution 8531
ironclad, indri, yokel, puckerbrush, n.

Actually, as it happens, Little Levy Balquhidder wasn't exactly over the moon when he met his baby brother, Moe, a little later, and it wasn't anything to do with displacement, sibling rivalry, all that mumbo-jumbo he'd read about during Rilla's pregnancy, so don't get the idea that he is some kind of local yokel, because he lives in the puckerbrush where time passes and people move with the speed of a somnolent indrithe nickname Lemurville has indeed been maliciously applied to Melrose, by Flash Harrys who are denizens of the bustling metropolis of Galashiels, ha ha, and what do you think their home town is called by folk fae Dalkeith, never mind Embra?—no, it was because as soon as he looked into the eyes of Miney Moe—"why, oh why," he asked himself, "did I have to give him that pet-name?"—and saw the Spirit who had been allocated by the Creator, and knew with ironclad certainty that this was one Spirit he would never be able to work with, for this one had caused the shedding of too much blood, the suffering of so many innocents, and had become a byword for inhumanity and evil, second only to Satan!

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