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ironclad, pushbike, incontrovertible, satisdiction, n.

And it was later that afternoon, so it was, with Rilla and Moe having been discharged from the BGH, while Rilla was having a nap and the children had been left in the care of their Aunt, Jasmine Juniper-Greentheir dad, Rary, out for a short ride on his new IroncladTM pushbikethat Little Levy and Miney Moe had their very first conversation, during which Levy's Spiritdf3n3hholaid out the incontrovertible evidence of Moe's SpiritQP7blb9Xbeing guilty of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in a previous Lifespan, and having stated everything, concisely and with an objective sense of satisdiction, gave the new arrival time to consider a reply; which, surprisingly, wasn't long in coming: "there would be no point in my denying the facts, as you state them, Levy," whispered the baby, "and I offer no mitigation, beyond that my role was set by the Creator and I possessed neither the understanding nor the power to over-ride it, but I would ask you one question, if I may," and when Levy nodded, the baby's immature voice, kept quiet so as not to attract Jasmine's attention, said: "are you the very same person as when you were Pherson Dalwhinnie?" and Levy, who had noteven in his dreamsthought of that lifetime in the past five years, now experienced a massive flashback, compressed into a second of time, but containing the history of perfidious evil committed in that identity, from his first act of murderof his loving parentsthrough his years as a henchman of Sir Parlane MacFarlane and the catalogue of crimes, all unpunished, up until the last, his attempted murder of his own twin brother, Tavish, followed by the lightning strike which erased him from the Earth, and was itself succeeded by his re-birth in his present form, he sat down with a bump, his body toppling backwards and his head thudding on the floor, followed by his own howl of pain and Moe's shriek, which brought Jasmine hurrying in to scoop Levy up in her arms and check that he was alright.

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