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Quandary Resolution 8558
birch, tajine, catastrophe, fakement, n.

And, meanwhile, just around the block, Pixie and Dixie stared at the tajine Goldilocks, the Housekeeper, had proudly placed in the centre of the back yard; she had paid two lumberjacks five dollars each to cut down the birch tree which had always been the yard's finest adornment, and haul it away with their truck, and now the tajine stood on a firepit where the tree had previously grown; the two mice were aghast: "it's a catastrophe," cried Pixie, while Dixie could only mutter: "a fakement, a fakement, a fakement of her imagination, she's lost her marbles and now we've lost our tree!" which was when Mr Jinks jumped up from behind the cooking pot, a butterfly net in each paw and started chasing the mice around the yard, yelling: "come here, meeces, I want you as the signature ingredients for Mr Jinks Meece Stew, Top Cat and the Boys're coming over and I've promised them a Feast!" but the mice were too fast for him and he ended tied up in knots, with one net over his head and his feet in the other, which was how the Alley Cat Gang found him when they arrived: "not to worry," said TC, sending off a couple of the guys to fetch Fish Suppers from the Luncheonette, "to be honest with you, Jinksy, Meece Stew is now so passé, and a fashionista can't be seen to be behind the culinary times," pouring them each a beer as they sat on the verandah and watched the setting sun sink slowly in the East, "beside which, there's something wrong with the orientation of this house, the Feng Shui is all wrong, I'm gonna get Sookie Soo to come over and sort it out for you."

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