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Quandary Resolution 8566
hysteric, calabash, midriff, chicane, v.

Still smarting from Boo Boo's refusal to become involved on the side of Justice, Dixie was muttering about the hysteric little bear's lack of honour, integrity, desire to right wrongs, as well as his height, which, Pixie thought, was a bit rich considering their owneven compared with Boo Boodiminutive stature, because, after all, they were among the smaller citizens of Hanna Barbera County, never mind the Town, but once Dixie went off on one of his diatribes there was really nothing Pixie could do but let him rant until he ran out of steam, or forgot what, or who, he was raving about, and any way, the calabash tree was just up ahead and lying in the shade beneath it, his hands clasped over his midriff, was the Cat in the Hat, while leaning against the tree, playing with a bubble-blower, sat a small girl: "whadda we call him?" whispered Pixie, "can't just say 'Hi Cat,' can we?" but Dixie marched straight towards the calabash, where he stood a few inches from the Cat's head and said: "Hi Cat!" and the Cat's right eyelids parted a scant few millimetres and he purred: "bless me, if it ain't Dixie Donut, it's been years," and he pushed himself up on one elbow, extending a finger for Dixie to shake, "an' who's your sidekick?" at which Dixie introduced Pixie and the Cat introduced himself as Henry and the girl as Mayzie, and she blew a bubble which completely enclosed Pixie for seven seconds, and Henry said: "that's one of her chicanesget a hostile witness in the box an' he's spinnin' a sob-story that has the entire jury wantin' to vote his brother-in-law Citizen of the Year and Mayzie blows one o' them over him an' pretty soon he's blubberin' the whole sordid story an' putting himself in the frame alongside his brother-in-law, gets 'em every time, don't it Mayze?" and she smiled coyly, "sure does Hen, hun," and went on blowing. 

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