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Quandary Resolution 8652
brownshirt, mercurial, nepotism, cannet, n.

"Hi, Ah dinnae want tae be lang, she's just gone to the Ladies, ye got oot okay? aye, thon wis jist Muddler livin uptae his name an bein dumb an dumber, he shood hae left thon dick at the back close door, in case sumdy tried tae leggitaye, youbut insteed he telt the bampot tae bash the door doon an belt through tae the front whaur the galloot jumped the wummin like a Fascist Broonshirt in Berlinmind whit thon wis like?—she's cried Ruby Murray, has a chain o Indian restaurants, hoo dae ah ken if they cook cannet, whizzat when it's at hame? a beakless, footless duck? izzat sum kind o sicko joke? dinnae answer that, Ah divnae ken if she's a guid cook, it's a faimly business, she took ower efter her faither retired, sae it's nepotism, but in hur case she seems tae be the exception tae the rule that genes get baggy an saggy the mair generations wear them, Ah'd guess she's a bit mercurial, she fancies ither wimmen oneywey but the two things Ah want tae ken aboot ur the wummin in Nummer 5 and the auld guy, wha may be a lassie, in Nummer 6, well, if ye dinnae ken then ye'd best get back there an find oot, cause ane o thae at least has a connection tae Miss Montecello! that's hur cummin back, Ah'll ca' ye later, ciao."

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