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Quandary Resolution 8664
bunyip, evert, forebear, ruderal, adj. and n.

"So, you're a bunyip?" "a what?" "a fake, an imposter," "actually no, I do write for Variety, just occasional pieces, true stories that could make movies, background interviews of promising people, actors, writers, directors, predictionswhich always turn out to be right, because I've checked them out ahead of the storyI knew Sime Silverman when he launched it and I've been contributing off and on ever since, I've contributed quite a lot of good titles for movies, by suggesting them in print before anyone working on them has the idea, ever seen A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?" "yeah, great movie, you gave it the title?" "sort of, have you read the book?" "no," "you should, I met Betty Smith in the early 40s when it was doing the rounds of publishers as They Lived in Brooklyn and gave her a better title, okay, sounds rather ruderal, but it's got context, and was kept for the movie, and I've been doing that off and on since the start," "since when?" "with Variety, 1905," "haven't they figured out your age?" "ha, ha, actually I'm the fourth generation MacFarlaneyou can check me out on Google, or maybe find back numbers at the Town Libraryfirst I was Pantheon, then Perilous, next was Ponderous, and now I'm Phelim, I've used lots of other names, always with a P which gets ridiculous, and explains why so many have never been used as Christian names by anyone else, although our forebears have a lot to answer for," "and you always manage to evert any suspicion of who you really are? " "oh no, au contraire, I have my pursuers, mainly from around this time, a particular cohort who catch up with me when I least expect itthough, sometimes, if I'm honest, I've brought about my own downfall, but, you know, least said and all that jazzbut you aren't one, and I really don't want anything to stop me finding Lolly, I'm sure she's alive, and between me and Dominic, we'll track her down," "but why are you so involved in this?" "cut to the chase, eh? well, probably because I feel that I'm responsible for her," "how?" "long story, but it's thanks to me she landed up here in Hanna Barbera. and if she hadn't, she'd still be safe," "wow!"

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