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Quandary Resolution 8665
gremlin, machicolation, pecuniary, father-lasher, n.

"How long? well, I was about twelve when it first happened, quite by accident, I don't know if you're familiar with the fortified towers and roundhouses of Scotland, no, well, why should you be? anyway, I was brought up in our family stronghold, Inveruglas Castlenothing like the pretty castles you get on picture postcardsand early one winter morning, sitting on the machicolationthat's the gaps between the wall and the upper rampart, the most famous nowadays is the one where tourists kiss the Blarney Stone in Irelandanyway, they're meant to be used for dropping boiling oil or burning brands or heavy stones on attackers way down below, but most of the time they were just used for shitting, or pissing in the wind, sorry, but it's true, and I must've dozed off, because I slid down right through the gap and before I could shout for helpwhich would be precious little, being about fifty feet above the rocks I was heading forthere was a great WHOOSH and I landed with a small bump on grass, and it was mid-day, in high summer, and definitely not Scotland and I heard a great roaring noise and something swept past me on a kind of black smooth canalI later learned that was a road and I'd had my first sight of a motor car, a Model T Ford, just out of the factory, here in America, and that was my first journey through Time and Space, but they aren't all so simple, there's a whole network of Worm-Holes and they can shift and change and sometimes you can only go one wayfrom A to Band to get back you may have to go from B to C and then D or even all the way to M before you can get back to A, at the right time, and there are plenty of gremlins or spanners in the works, lots of people think God or whoever Created the Universe made it perfect, but I think that he sometimes went for a nap or a shit or to watch his favourite soap on TV and didn't quite finish the particular part he'd been working on, and that's why there are Worm-Holes and Black Holes, and Invisible Folds but then, he wasn't getting any pecuniary benefit out of the whole shebang, so you can't sue him, No Contracts have been Breached in the Manufacture of this Universe, no wonder Jesus turned into a father-lasher at the endsome people think a father-lasher is a short-spined sea scorpionbut just before the end, when Jesus looked up at the sky and let his Old man have it with both barrels, and not many of them made it into the Record, that was the Numero Uno Father-Lashing I ever heard and by golly, it worked!"

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