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Quandary Resolution 8673
homeoteleuton, beg to differ, kiln, perlage, n.

"Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumontusually known as the Chevalier d'Éonwas born in 1728 to a rather impoverished noble family, educated as befitted one of his social standing, studied law and became a political commentator and eventually a Civil Servant, then, recognising his talents, served his King and Country as a spy, and later became a French Diplomat who, long story short, through a series of disputes with other noble families got into a fix which was resolved in 1777 by requiring him henceforth to live permanently as a woman, now, 'why,' you may ask, 'should a man be obligedby order of the Governmentto change his gender?' but let's not quibble about the relative status of men and women in different cultures, suffice to say that d'Éon had carried out undercover missions abroad in the guise of both men and women, successfully penetrating foreign jurisdictions and Royal Courts and, it should be said, passed equally well in both gender-roles; but the gist of my story is that, for some time, d'Éon identified me as a 'Person of Interest' and become just one of several individuals and groups tracking me through Time and Space, but of them all, she was the bestor worstdepending on your point of view, until in 1868but don't worry about calculating her age, we have both lived outside normal chronology and so it doesn't applyshe followed me to London and a particular place where I had gathered a version of the Ring of Gold, it's a sort of debauched gentlemen's fellowship, a gathering of like-minds and enthusiasts, in which I had invested a great deal of time and money, and other resources, and certainly didn't want all that work to be disrupted," and Ruby said, rather coldly, "it sounds like a typically male world-view, only fired in an overheated kiln," but MacFarlane replied, "oh, I beg to differ, Ruby, there was nothing typical about it, for the time, it was both extremely retroas if Victorian Prudery had never happenedbut also quite visionary, because it opened up opportunities which wouldn't become either legal or socially acceptable for over a hundred years, but don't get me wrong, there was no shortage of what are now called sex-workers on every street corner in London, poverty forced women onto the streets, brothels were catering to many different predilections, but there was also a powerful hypocrisy which demanded police raids, active entrapment, paid witnesses, perjury on an industrial scale, harsh punishments and all the suppression and repression of self-expression—please don't hold the hackneyed homeoteleuton against methat Victoriana became a byword for, wipe away the perlage, the bubbles on the inside of a champagne glass and what do you see?"

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