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Quandary Resolution 8675
heterophemy, thwart, homologate, ethnobotany, n.

"My point exactly," said MacFarlane, with a wink, "which is why and how she is so good at passing as women—she is one, don't you see?—there's nothing better and more effective than hiding in plain sight, her birth was registered by her father as a boyand it wasn't a heterophemy, he didn't write the wrong sex by mistake, and, believe me, mistakes over a baby's gender and the attribution of what becomes the child's permanent status, are not particularly uncommonbecause that brought him an inheritance which was dependant on producing a male child, and the Parish Register homologated that as a Legal Fact, and so she was brought up as a boy, in a period and class where nothing was thought unusual about her looks, and that boy learned all the male skills, swordsmanship, horsemanship, readingFrench, English, Latin, Greek, Italian, Russian and Swahiliwriting and arithmetic, the natural sciencesChemistry, Astronomy, Earth Science, Physics and Biologyand had a bent for Ethnobotany, even wrote a paper on the peasants' use of particular plants in treating specific maladies, and this at a time when peasants were regarded as being little better than dumb animals, worse in fact, because they complained and could thwart their Master's orders by insolence, which no horses, oxen, other beasts of the field, would ever do, and I do believe that Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont, probably believed himself to be a boy, after all, and even in Biology there was little done in the way of Sex Education in those days, there was none at all in my boyhood, you just got the general idea if you happened to catch sight of dogs, cats, horses or cattlesometimes, if you were particularly quiet, and lucky, a loon and a quine, or even two loonsdoing IT and that certainly had no connection with what might happen to one of them in the future, and never did with two loons," and Ruby said, "sorry, but what's all this about loons, did you live in a Lunatic Asylum or something?" and MacFarlane laughed, "nah, lassie, in the Highlands and Islands, a loon is a boy and a quine is a girl, and anyway, there was no such thing as an Asylum, though I'm sure there were plenty of Lunatics around!"

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