Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 8701
caesious, fichu, abnegate, hot-brain, n.

"Aren't we waiting for Hymie, and Sadie and Rose?" but Tavish shook his head, "they'll join us for dinner, but Sam can't stay, Covid Regulations," he explained, and waited for her to begin, and truth to tell, she wasn't feeling her usual bubbly self, the transportation had been bumpy and seemed to have aerated her blood and she had that hot-brain feeling she sometimes got before doing something rashperhaps the rash thing was following the instructions in the letterbut, much as she would like to dump all the blame on Montyor Sam as he seemed to be known hereshe couldn't abnegate her own part, no-one had been holding a gun to her head, or threatening her nearest and dearestshe didn't have anyso had chosen to make a sharp exit from the life she had created over five years ago, surely the longest period she had spent anywhere or anytime, then Sam said, "Tav, you haven't been properly introduced to Geneviève, have you?" and when his colleague shook his head, Sam told him who she really was, which made her cringe, hearing herself spoken about as if she wasn't there, or was merely an exhibit in an Anatomy Class and she wished she had a fichu she could have wrapped around her head, ostensibly for warmth, but really to hide her embarrassment, but then came the interruption, Mrs MacPhee, Tavish's Cook/Housekeeper, came out of the kitchen door with a girl in a darkish bluish or greyish greenish uniform and a peaked cap rammed onto her head which, when she removed it, released a cascade of curly caesious hair which seemed to match her uniform, as it corkscrewed in all directions, and introduced her as Miss Pummy, the Telegram Girl, who explained explained, "it's fer Sam, err that's Maister Smiles, but ye wisnae in an Nigel, yer pertner, he sez ye'r ower here an am no sposed tae takkit tae anither address bit seen as he's a polismaun an it's Tavi's yer at ah thocht it'll save ye haen tae cum doon tae the Sortin Office afore it shuts in," she pulled out a pocket watch and consulted it's large dial, "ten meenits, is therr ony reply?" and everyone looked at Sam who opened the telegram and read it quite unhurriedly, then said, "thankyou, Eunice, no reply," and as the girl turned to go, Sam patted his pockets and then called to Mrs MacPhee, about to re-enter the kitchen, "sorry to bother you, Maisie, could you maybe give her a tip from Tav's jar on the window sill? a £2 coin, yes, I'll square up with Tav later, thankyou," and turned his attention back to Carmen/Geneviève, who was thinking, so, he's got a Partner, a Policeman, and he's on first name terms with the Telegram Girl and Mrs MacPhee and the girl is on first name terms with him and Nigel and Tavi, no less!

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