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annelidous, insatiate, farrier, cheesed, adj.

Shortly after that, Eunice Pumice (pronounced Pummy) arrived back at the Sorting Officebehind the old Post Office in Buccleuch Streetleaned her bicycle beside the other one, went into the building and gave a wave to Anne Lidous, the Supervisor, who was just preparing to lock up, "nae replies this efternin, so that's me feenished, but ah noticed there's a noo wummin at Fisher's Tooer," said with a saucy wink, and Anne asked, "fancy a cuppa? maybe a cake? juicy details?" and Eunice smiled back gratefully, "The Greenhoose still open?" she asked and Anne told her, "another forty-five minutes, let's get our skates on, and so, in no time, with their roller skates clattering, they reached the side door of the café/restaurant unstrapped them and lolloped inside, careful to keep the mandatory 2 metre distance and wearing their face coverings, they sat at a table in the far corner, and Eunice said, "she's fuckin insatiable," and Anne asked, "who is?" genuinely perplexed, "thon Farrier wummin," replied Eunice, blowing a raspberry, then choosing a cream bun to go with her coffee, while Anne selected a meringue and the waitress went back to the counter to prepare their orders, "you seem a bit cheesed-off," said Anne, "is it because of Mrs Farrier?" and Eunice nodded, "aye, hur auld guy's a herd-wurking mon, it cannae be ower muckle fun shoeing horses aw day lang, in aw weathers, here, there an a'whaur, an hur pleying fast-an-loose wi every Tam, Dick an Harry," but Anne said, "well, what I hear about Jed Farrier is, he has a wife on every farm, most of them already married, so don't judge Mavis too harshly," and added, "how's the new flat then, is Lulu going to have a flat-warming? you know I love a party," and Eunice assured her that once the decorating was finished there certainly would be a shindig in the formerly secret, boarded up and forgotten, flat at the back of Morow Gardens, just across the road, "wimmin only, mind," Eunice warned, unnecessarily, for just like Lulu's Girl Gang, who eschewed men and had all been lucky enough to have moved into the flat just before the resumption of what they called the Kwasi-Lockdown Restrictions on households mixing, having been living in separate digs since coming to Melrose from Gullane, Anne had no interest in 'MEN', which word she could imbue with so much of a sneer and curl of her lip that you'd think only the bravest would dare to come as close as even 2 metres without a Kevlar vest and full-face visor, but she didn't really hate them, they simply did not exist as creatures having even the faintest interest for her, not even worth hating, though she could feel the occasional pitywhich certainly did not extend to the wandering farrierbut she did like to know what was happening in Flat 12a and lived up to her name by her ability to worm out of Eunice more information than any Mental Detective or Investigative Journalist would be able to elicit in a week-long interrogation, "wull ye bring Bunty?" the younger girl asked innocently, knowing full-well that relations between Anne and her wife were under strain as Bunty's pregnancy neared it's conclusion, but Anne shook her head, "no, lovey, she's got to take things very quietly now, this is about the stage she miscarried last time and we don't want to go through that again, it was desperate, worst time of our lives," and Eunice, feeling guilty, reached across and patted her boss's hand.

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