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Quandary Resolution 8703
annelidous, pandect, infinitesimal, chedi, n.

Anne Lidous took hold of Eunice's hand, "what about the woman at Fisher's Tower?" and Eunice grinned, rather impishly, "well, when ah goat tae Sam's wi his telegram, it wis yon Nigel answered the door and sez ah jist missed Sam, he's gone ower tae Fisher's, an sez ah kin leave it wi him, no fuckin wey, sez ah, it's fer Sam no ye, ah ken fine whit the Polis does tae read ither fowks letters and Telegrams, so ah gauns roon tae Fisher's an Maisie MacPhee sez he's oot in the gairden wi Tavi an sum noo wummin they picked up in Melrose, sae ma ears prick up an ah gets a guid bogle at her, an she's definately anither furriner, bit no a Yankee like the ithers, nah, ah'd sey she's a Frog, she's goat thon cheek, they gauns oan aboot, an anuther thing, she micht be a tart, but she's a Lezzie tart," and Anne stared at Eunice with her usual mixture of incredulity and awe, for she knew for a fact that the girl's Gaydar was always right, never wrong, and Anne could write a Pandect detailing every occasion when no matter how brief the encounter nor how fleeting the glance, Eunice was able to make the pronouncement, either way, and in every single case, time without number, even though Anne herself thought, no, not this time, she's way off beam, him? or her? no, straight as a die, or bent as a hairpin, and every single one was a bet she would have lost if she'd been foolish enough to chance a punt on her own instincts, so she took the morsel and tucked it away for when it might be useful to know, "and what were they doing?" she asked, because, like everyone else in Melrose, she found the goings-on at Fisher's Tower a constant source of interest, but Eunice shook her head, "ah never heert whit they wis talkin aboot, the wummin wis leanin agin thon chedi-thing Tavi pit up when he telt Reverend MacMaster that he wis a Buddhist noo, so couldnae dae Santa at the Christmas Fayre, which ah think's a load o bollocks, it wis cause he'd pit oan that much weight since Maisie stertit cookin fer him an the Yankees that the Santa Suit woodna fit him ony mair an he wis tae prood tae ask emdy tae let it oot fer him, bit ye ken whit they say aboot Pride, Anne?" and Anne replied, "it comes before a fall," but Eunice shook her head, "nah, if ye try tae Pee when ye Ride, ye'll get wet breeks," and Anne laughed, "for the most naturally astute student of human behaviour and psychology that I have ever met, Eunice Pumice, you do talk a load of shite," and Eunice laughing said, "ah only talk an infinitesimal amount of shite, Anne Lidous, an ye ken that fer a fact, but ah see Jessie's wantin tae shut up shoap, so let's get oot o her wey."

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