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Quandary Resolution 8704
annelidous, unwearied, libertine, waynpain, n.2

So Eunice Pumice, the Telegram Girl, and her Supervisorand confirmed Libertine, whom the Reverend MacMaster of the Parish Kirk still strove to persuade to return to the arms of the Church of Scotland which she had long eschewed, if not to his own arms, which hope was surely in vain—Anne Lidous, said their goodbyes to Jessie and the waynpain, Simon the Pieman, who had just finished his labours in the baking kitchen and was, as ever, drenched in sweat, but at least had earned his pay the honest way, and stepped out into the dark of a mid-November afternoon, to find it was raining again, but they were unwearied after their coffees and cakes and before partingEunice to cross the road to Morow Gardens and climb the stairs to the Girl Gang flat, and Anne to stride along the path between Priorwood and the red sandstone Abbey, and so make her way up to Prior's Walk, where the heavily pregnant Bunty should have their evening meal prepared and ready for Anne, a dab hand in the kitchen, who delighted in cooking whatever her wife had in store for her, which always reminded her of that old TV show, Ready Steady Cook where contestants were presented with a surprise bag of ingredients and with the help of a chef would rustle up an appetizing main course and dessert before the buzzer would signify Time Up and the compère shout, "Stop Cooking!"—Eunice said, "ye ken, furst time ah heerd sumdae say yon Simon's a waynpain, ah didnae ken it meant a workin mon, ah thocht they meant a wean pain, a wean wha's a pain in the erse," and glanced back into the still lighted café to catch a glimpse of Simon and Jessie having a quick snog just before Jessie switched the light off, and Eunice continued, "weel, he's a bit ower muckle to be cried a wean noo!" 

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