Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 8706
propugnaculum, ulp, fulvous, earthfast, adj.

"Or Spanish?" by now the silence in the kitchen, which normally felt large and spacious, was palpably deafening in it's intensity and "ulp," gulped Flora, the youngest member of the Gang, which drew a hot glance from Lulu that could have curdled milk, and the four walls of their propugnaculum, their Hole in the Wall, from which they could repel any attack so long as they remained earthfast and entwined, each with the others, One for All and All for One and No Surrender was their Watchword, and Eunice conceded that, "weel, aye, mebbe, could be, a wee bit Medi-Tan, ye ken," and Lulu asked, "whit in fuck's name's a Medi-Tan? does it scare aff Covid-19?" and the lassies laughed, the tension seeping through the floor like spilt milk, and Eunice explained, "it's a Mediterranean Tan, as opposed tae Californian, or Australian, they're Cali-Tan an Ozzi-Tan, there's others as weel. . . . ." but was cut off by Lulu, "so wud ye say she's fulvous, like?" and Eunice closed her eyes as her mind projected the range of browns, including ochres, sands, woods, onto the palette of her consciousness until she switched her internal light off and grinned, "deffo Tawny, wi hints o gowd in the highlights," which caused Lulu to roll her eyes and ask, "is this her Barnet yer oan aboot?" and Eunice laughed, "nah, her skin, the hair is bricht yella, like a organic egg yowk," and Lulu repeated, "yellow, eh? yellow hair, well, well, I think I've met this particular lady before, and I could have a good idea why she's here, of all places, but why now? no, I don't know, so that's what we need to find out, but furst, fer whit oor aboot tae receive may the Lord mak us truly grateful," and the chorus of "Amen!" was positive, united and devout, and then they all began to tuck in.

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