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Quandary Resolution 8707
flatfooted, Minecrafter, bugbear, pricket, n.

Later, when the Gang were chilling in the Soft Room, pricket candles lit and spiked around the walls, with a movie on the TV and all happily stoned on the weed Dora had scored off the Minister's son on the bus back from Gala, Lulu told them what she knew of the mysterious French secret agentcrème de la crème of spieswho had been raised to eminence by King Louis XV, infiltrated the courts of England's Bad King John, the Russian Empresses Catherine and Elizabeth, conspired with George Washington against the English, advised Napoleon, flatfooted Kaiser Bill during the First World War, been the ultimate Minecrafter in masterminding the escape of 700 POWs from Stalag Luft VIthe unremembered Greater Escape, disavowed by Churchill because it was considered embarrassingly underhand and ungentlemanly to murder all the German guards prior to the breakout and be led to freedom by a womanthe bugbear of Dictators, Tyrants, Despots and Totalitarian Demagogues, from Sulla in Ancient Rome to Donald Trump in America, whose true identity has been the stuff of gossip, hearsay, myth and legend, sideways glances and back-court romances, whom Lulu had last seen brieflyshe refused to be more specificwhen she had accompanied Father Mungo Macaneny to the Grapplers Reunion a couple of years ago, and the others were transfixed and inwardly seething with the Ultimate Question: "is it, could it possibly be, truly and definately, her?" and the more worrying follow-up Post-Ultimate Question: "if it is, does that mean Sir Parlane MacFarlane's here too?" which sent chills down the spines of everyone, even Lulu!

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