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Quandary Resolution 8709
ham-handed, Nuremberg defense, emigrate, callidity, n.

And that was when Hannah Manyanahyes, as well as Girl Friday, Sub-Editor, Sports Correspondent and General Dogsbody at the Melrose Monday Meshuggener, she too is a member of the Girl Gangwalked in, threw herself into an empty armchair, swung her booted feet up an onto the coffee table, only to have them pushed off by wee Flora Prestonpans, who said: "ah spent an oor polishin thon, sae keep yer pit bits aff!" which brought a number of grins to the other faces in the room, but Hannahgood-natured to the coredidn't protest, simply untied her laces, eased her feet out and swung her feet up again, left clad in a purple sock, right in shocking pink, "they're odd," yipped Flora, and Hannah laughed, "well I can tell you, I don't have another pair like them, I got a pack of 14 different colours to mix and match," and Flora stared at them, a mixture of awe and desire, absolutely certain now of what she wanted for Christmas, and Lulu had already promised her that she could start decorating the flat on the 1st of December, for while Lulu herself considered Christmas to be principally for bairns and Hogmanay for grown-ups, she wasn't so ham-fisted that she would pour cold water on any Gang member's wish for fun and games, particularly this year, when none of them believed they would have the chance of visiting their parents or siblings, they would have to make the most of the festivities here, in their own home, and she realised that Dora was speaking, her voice soft and misty, "we could always put on a show, not a Panto, but something that involved the audience," and Eunice asked "where could we do it? the Corn Exchange is out because of Covid, same for all the other Halls," but Dora had thought of this, "at the Greenyards, on the pitch, there'd be plenty of room in the Stands and on the banking round the other three sides, even with family groups keeping separate," and Lulu interjected, "the pitch is huge hun, how would we do it, you've seen the rugby, even wi twa teams pleying, there's still loads of space to fill," but Dora wasn't concerned, "we could get the kids fae baith schools for sterters, the Toon Band, the Music Academy, the Operatic Society, the older kids wha go to Earlston an Gala as well, an the Church Choirs, ah'm sure we could pit somethin thegether in time," as Lulu, Eunice and Hannah exchanged doubtful glances, and Lulu asked, "have you got a story? a script? onything to show people when you ask them?" and Dora flourished a sheaf of papers, "it's aboot emigration an immigration, aboot partins an discoveries, birth an rebirth, aboot Genocide an the Holocaust, fowk wha keep their heids doon an let bad things happen an later cite the Nuremberg Defence o 'jist follyin oarders, ye ken,' an ithers wha staun up an oppose evil at risk tae their lives, but mebbe save their souls, ye said it yersel, earlier, Lulu, 'we're aw Jock Tamson's Bairns,' an I'm suggesting we ca' it Jock Tamson's Bairns, an ye ken the auld couple that lives in Newstead?" at which everyone scratched their separate heads and wondered which 'auld couple' she was referring to, but she explained, "Betty Comden an Adolph Green," and Flora looked shocked, "ur they no merrit?" but Dora continued, "separate rooms, hen, they used tae be twa o the biggest names on Broadwey an in Hollywud, mind when they turned up here, jist afore the Second Eildons landed, said they'd been in Las Vegas, got loast oot in the desert in a sand storm an fund theirsels drivin ower the Gattonside bumps, oan the wrang side o the road, smashed intae a tractor an were baith in the BGH fer weeks, weel, onywey, whiles they've nae desire tae gaun back tae America, they want tae thank abdy that's helped them oot here, fae the staff at the BGH, tae the Jewish Community, the ither Churches, the Hoosin Depairtment at the Cooncil, an the CAB, neebours an emdy else that's made them feel welcome, as unintentional immigrants, so they've been workin on a pile o new sangs wi various local composers an musicians an ah've persuaded them tae let us showcase them, like ah've said, at the Greenyairds wi a cast o local talent, ah've spoken tae folk wha've Directed shows an concerts an stuff, an abdy's willin tae len a haun, but whit's needed's sumdy wi gumption an the baws tae be the Producer, and Lulu realised that not only was Dora staring at her, but so were all the others, and she said, "weel, weel, this is when ye find oot wha yer real freens ur, ah thocht ah wis a bit crafty, bit ye tak the cake, Dora, ye've stitched me richt up, an gien us a maister-class in callidity, boy, o boy, weel then, seen as ye've done maist o the thinkin an plannin an organizin and talkin tae this ane an thon ane, ah'll dae it, on ane condition," and everyone shouted out, "whit?" and Lulu said, "yer ma Assistant Producer, Dora, cos yer the ainly ane wha kens whit's gaun oan!" and Nora, who'd been quietly baskin in her twin's glory, produced a bottle of 50 year old Laphraoigh and everyone cheered!

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